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(Windows 11) Use Disk Management for creating new partition and Formatting

When you Buy hardisk, its probable that you don't have any partition and formatting yet. Heres what to do.

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(Windows 11) How to see the Device and Windows specification

This is a newer function and gui of Windows. Its nice and neet way to summarized the information for computers you need.

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When the Boss says don't mind, then don't.

Starting a website is very difficult. Lets try, alright. What inspire me next, Its Windows and so called DOS. When I started hacking my stuff when I was young, then went to College - Engineering became magic because not 'only' but 'next' is all in all done right and People mostly says 'amazing'.

True or not? Anyway, Life is difficult when your working with other companies. It feels lonely and even when your friends are there. Now, I'm here... I'm the Boss.

What to do everyday is very welcome to hear from you guys.

Thanks in advance!

- Lawrence Albert Pard-Ilao (Naga City, Philippines)