For our motto, our school is in mission to provide services like top quality lectures that people will use not only for schooling purposes but for real usages. We will commit on 100% quality and acceptability for all education. We transform people to realistic points of view, morally righteous and socially responsible for all your doings.


Our main vision is to provide academic standards to all nations, technologies and research, innovation using modern IT technolgies and infrustracture for more development of our nations. We love rich cultural heritage of work, sustainable development and righteous actions towards jobs. As we said, All rights wil be served. Thank you.

2024 UN Technology Studies

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Kudos to the Colleges of Accountacy and Engineering and Architecture for our new registered Licensed Accountant and Licensed Electrical Engineers with passing rates tops the National Level. We offer Cash gift for all license accountants and engineers who earned top recognition.

College of Business and Accountacy

2024 UN Technology Studies

College of Engineering and Architechture

2024 UN Technology Studies

College of Computer Studies

2024 UN Technology Studies

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Thank you for visting us and lets celebrate everyday fiesta. Hopely we recover along the way and forget our sufferings and go on with our lives. Students must be prepare for their future everyday. Reading Books at our Library is recommended and using modern tools like Cellphones, Tablets and Computers is recommended.

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University of East empowers all students to be prepared for their future. Our online learning is one of the first web-based learning program for men and women that is City wide applicability is very high. We can used modern tools like Mobile, Tablet and Computers for our study.

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