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Naga Heavy Industries is known for its lifelike structure and methods that provides engineers with latest Electronics, IT and Computer Technologies in the Market using Microsoft and CodeBase-IO Technologies. We have the Control and Monitoring Technology for Electronics, UPS/BESS and Solar Power Plants. For years, we will be pushing several technologies that will become standards of our society in the future.

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CodeBase Electronics
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Engineering Maintainance
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Design Applications


P25k Fire Alarm with Reset

Unlimited SD Function single zone


P1M Water Level Monitoring

Trigger Detection mechanism for computers


P10M Solar Computer Monitoring System

Designed for innovation


P1M Fuse Monitoring

Monitor fuses using computers


P1M Power Line Monitoring System (PLMS)

Voltage AC DC Monitoring


P15k Unlimited SD Fire Alarm

Free 2 SD + FACP + Alarm Bell