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Movie Clip at first...

Lawrence ordered a $50 Camera at Lazada, a home grown techie that focuses on gadgets and technology previews today. Its not very nice yet but good for kids.

2019 Lifelike Show

E-mall Camera

We push some strings and e-mall let us buy our first camera intended for movie clips here at Its amazing to see the video stabilizes while moving. Cons, Its expensive.

2019 Lifelike Show

Business demos at Robinsons Place Naga...

When it comes to self-starting businesses for small enterprises, Robinsons Mall here at Naga City Loaded us with many startups and ideas. Its been great not awful but technically boring. It means no techie goods around. Gotcha!

2019 Lifelike Show

The Camaligan River Park near Naga City

If your planning to get Wed like a movie star, go to Camaligan River Park located near Abella, Naga City. Its not awful, not 3rd - not another.

2019 Lifelike Show

Autologin setting at Windows

For Windows to start and login automatically, this video tip will help you learn the program being used and where the settings are saved.

2019 Lifelike Show

Inscribe Music Edition

How we write and record music at first...

Write music and record your voice... Lifelike will empower you, dream like a music artist and write songs uniquely - correlate them to the writings of our artists. It will help in checking the totality of your writings.

Overall - Individuality, uniqueness and totality. Hope this helps!

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2019 Purely Logic Technology

Secure Windows 1.0

Custom Secure Upgrade of your Windows Desktop

A simpler and secure version of Windows Desktop... This technology of Lifelike can make your entire workspace secure and access applications easily using this administrative and custom version of Windows.

- The fastest search or file finder in the world.

- Access administrative and advanced tools easily.

- Security is not a question because of No Host Code logic, no written program to smell.

- Go back to Windows Easily.

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2019 Purely Logic Technology

Software DownLoads

Scour Technology: Search for files instantly like scanning mp3s

Lifelike Music will share the technology of MP3 and MP4 player to the world. Scanning mp3s is the same as our Scour technology. Finding files is now probable quickly using our Code.

The Best Windows Desktop Search alternative around. The tool lets you generate list to create the fastest search engine up to date. Lifelikely.

Overall - Faster Search, Interactively unique and List-Technology creates the fastest tool around. Hope this helps!

How to use Scour Technology

Be aware of formatting structures: * (for any) ?? (for two digits) e.g. *alway? means any words before always

For List-Technology, no formatting is required. Hope this helps!

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Veristic: find worms and viruses

The technology of scanning mp3s gets further. Veristic is a program that finds excutable scripts from your USB flash drives. It lets you check the removable drive for possible worm or virus infection. The file finder also disable autoplay of files in flash drives or subsequently viruses from automatically launching itself.

Finally, it lets you scan your computer entirely including hidden drives.

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2019 Music Technology

LifeLike Media Player

Computers and Electronics Theory

Digital Signal couples up to create Analog World

What if you have thousand and thousand of bits bonded together to form a really strong signal sinusoidally united. Continuously, reading and inputting in order for computers to analyze these data.

What do you call that science of data gathering deep inside?

A one bit of information that corresponds to 1 or 0 rallies together, bonded and united to create what you called Analog world.

Lawrence Albert, an inventor of CodeBase, engineer and a musician. Getting married this year to Riafe, after starting this music business they will push different technologies until then.

Lawrence Albert and Riafe Invents Analog to Digital Reading

Reading bit to bits of data was accomplished as of 11:37am of April 2, 2019. Computers now can analyze analog information and interpret them like voice, music and sounds.

The three schematics namely ADC 1, 2 and 3 will be given to authorities for patents at United States, Philippines and Germany.

This is a milestone for us, a society that uses technologies like Digital Television, Cellphones and Computers.

2019 Music Technology