UN Top College Education

University of Naga is known for its lifelike structure and methods that empowers students to be prepared for their future job qualifications and positions. For years, we push several technologies that became popular and standards of our society now.

Universities History

The University of Naga was established by Lawrence Albert Pardo Ilao as the first university using online and offline education to all people. Today, we aren't only known as the creator of CodeBase I/O - we have also grown to become a leader in the field of higher education and among the largest institutions of higher learning in the region.

Thank you for visting us and lets celebrate everyday. Hopely we recover along the way and forget our sufferings and go on with our lives. Students must be prepare for their future everyday. Reading Books and studying online is recommended and using modern tools like Cellphones, Tablets and Computers is ok.

College of Computer Studies

2024 Technology Studies

College of Engineering

2024 Technology Studies


Shopping Online Capability

SO empowers all people to shop online for their home needs. Our online system is one of the first web-based program for people in city wide applicability.


Review Online Licensure Education

RO empowers all students to be prepared for their future job and companies. We are willing to help all our might for your Licensure Exam.


Desktop Cities

Home of OS Upgrade and different kinds of OS for Personal Computer (PC), laptop and Tablets.


Operating systems are essential part of the computer that interfaces humans from machine. Here we can see many kinds of OS in different application and ways.